End of All Hallow's Read

That's all my All Hallow's Read reviews for this year! Here's a round-up in case you missed one.

The Gates, by John ConnollyThe Graveyard Book, by Neil GaimanThe Prince of Mist, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

*If you're seeing this from the future, click here for all Scary Book reviews.*

I received a bunch of suggestions of scary books to read and review, so next year I plan to use them to do a couple of weeks of scary book reviews leading up to the big day. Here are some of the suggestions I got in case you're still in a scary mood.

Adult stuff:

Younger fare:

You can suggest more scary books in the comments.


Brian Marino said:On Nov 01, 10 at 5:09pm

yay, you mentioned my suggestion, I feel so honored.

Audrey said:On Nov 01, 10 at 5:39pm

Next year I might even read it.

Monex said:On Dec 18, 10 at 3:03am

My daughter who will be 11 in a few months enjoys reading scary books for example All The Lovely Bad Ones. I have a lot of suggestions for good middle grade with suspenseful action but not as many for truly scary horror ghost story kinds of books. Stines books but isnt ready for the plethora of paranormal and horror published for teens Im sure there are still plenty of scary books for her but Im coming up blank.

Audrey said:On Dec 18, 10 at 4:31pm

The author of that book, Mary Downing Hahn, has written a LOT of ghost and horror stories that are similar. A long time ago (probably when I was around the same age as your daughter) I read her book Look For Me By Moonlight and thought it was really good. Here's a link to her Amazon author page, where you can find a lot of the titles.

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