What is a bibliovermis?
The bibliovermis, or bookworm, is a type of worm that devours books and turns them into book reviews. It looks and moves kind of like an inchworm, but with no feet.
If bookworms don't have feet, how do they move like that?
They learned how from a book.
How often do you update?
I update very sporadically. Bibliovermis used to be an attempt to review every book I read, but now that I have reduced time to spend on it, it's more like fan art of the very good ones.
How can I follow updates?
What do the ratings mean?
1: Terrible. 2: Blah. 3: Good. 4: Great. 5: Perfect.
What's the difference between Juvenile, Middle Grade, and Young Adult books?
These are age-group categories for fiction, but books in these categories can vary widely. In general, Juvenile fiction is marketed to all kids, Middle Grade to ages 8-12, and Young Adult is marketed to 13 and up. Other ("Adult") fiction isn't specifically marketed to younger readers. There's also "New Adult" as a category now, which isn't used on this site. Books can change categories as marketers notice their popularity shifting between groups—many books that are now commonly assigned school reading were marketed to adults in the past. Thus, each book should be considered on its individual merits, and compared with the maturity and reading level of the individual reader.
Will you review this book I wrote/published/need to promote?
I cannot promise to draw a picture for every book, but I will at least read it! Please send me an e-mail with more information.
How can you be contacted?
E-mail me: