Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins

When Anna is sent to boarding school in Paris, she worries about leaving her friends, family, and a budding romance. But then she makes new friends, among them gorgeous Etienne St. Clair—who could easily beat out the boy Anna left at home... if only he weren't taken. Best: Cute and (other than the fantasy Paris boarding school scenario) realistic. Worst: A sappy romance! Not universally appealing, by any means. But it’s adorable!

Good for: People who like cute teen romances. My favorite thing about this book is the realistic and mostly healthy relationship at the center of it.

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V. said:On Dec 04, 11 at 5:24am

Why should a book have to be universally appealing? Music isn't intended to be, nor are TV shows or movies. If they serve the audience of their genre well -- and AATFK more than serves its genre well! -- then it fulfills its purpose and is a laudable work.

Audrey said:On Dec 04, 11 at 5:30am

Very true! You'll notice, back when I was doing a "best thing/worst thing" for every book, I would often struggle to come up with a "worst thing" for books I rated highly. Many of them (like this one) ended up being pretty laughable—which is one of the reasons I stopped doing reviews that way.

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