Shine Shine Shine, by Lydia Netzer

Shine Shine Shine. Lydia Netzer. Book Review: Shine shine shine. [Image: a woman floats in space surrounded by stars, the earth in her pregnant belly and the moon in the dome of her bald head. A tiny space ship travels from the earth to the moon.]

Maxon is on a mission to the Moon, with robots of his own design that will ready the satellite for human colonization. Sunny is left on Earth, with a dying mother, a highly medicated child, a pregnancy nearing term, and a blonde wig disguising both the hairless skin she was born with and the chaos of her life.

The spaceship is struck by a meteor, Sunny's minivan is struck by an SUV, and the mission and the wig are thrown off course.

This is the story of one couple—united by a strong love and a shared history, separated by earth's atmosphere and a quest for perceived normalcy—their struggle to build a way back to each other, and the struggle to build a future for the human race.

The writing style is quirky and strange and beautiful. It combines a matter-of-fact delivery with an almost poetic, free-association flow of thoughts.

The style, the soft science fiction premise, and extrapolations thereof elevate the story from a common slice-of-life drama to something with deeper impact.

Good for: It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but the more I mull it over, the more I think this could be one of my favorite books of the year.


Brian Marino said:On Sep 11, 12 at 5:50pm

Wow! Wonderful illustration Audrey! Also this book sounds really really interesting. Adding it to my "List".

Audrey said:On Sep 11, 12 at 6:00pm

Brian! I thought it might be an obscure thing to put in the description, but YOU will understand: the narration of the book reminds me a lot of the way people talk in True Stories! I <3 it.

Brian Marino said:On Sep 12, 12 at 1:48am

Something wrong with your sister?

Brian Marino said:On Sep 12, 12 at 9:14pm

oh my god

Julie Kibler said:On Sep 12, 12 at 8:15pm

LOVE this! Loved SHINE SHINE SHINE. Perfect.

Virginia Pye said:On Sep 12, 12 at 10:39pm

This is a true and honest review. And I love the new image that captures the magic of this novel.

Barbara Claypole White said:On Sep 13, 12 at 12:44am

Definitely one of MY favorite books of the year!

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