Locke & Key, by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

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Locke & Key. Joe Hill. Gabriel Rodriguez. Book Review. [Image: several keys, on a background image of an immense house].

After their family is attacked and their father is brutally murdered, the Locke siblings, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode, move with their mother to Keyhouse, their ancestral New England home.

Keyhouse has many doors, and many keys. When a door is unlocked, it might lead somewhere other than where you'd expect—or you might be changed in crossing the threshold. Even in their grief, exploring Keyhouse is an exciting prospect for the Lockes.

But the Lockes aren't Keyhouse's only inhabitants. The creature who caused their father's death is behind one door, searching for a way out—and the murderer under its control is outside, searching for a way in.

Locke & Key is an amazing comic series. It's horror that will keep you up at night, but that's not all: it's a richly layered, well-developed fantasy / mystery / suspense-thriller, with gorgeous artwork.

Spookiness: 5/5.

Terrifying elements: Extremely grisly murders (with pictures). Evil creatures taking people over and making them go on killing sprees. Horrible things happening to characters you are fond of. A key that kills you for a bit, a key that opens your brain, a key that plays a music box that controls people, a key that lets the evil out...

Good for: This series is very disturbing and is not appropriate for children or adults who aren't into nightmares. If you are an adult and you want your pants scared off you, this series is amazing.

Locke & Key is written by Joe Hill (who you may remember from my 5-star review of Horns from last All Hallow's Read) and drawn by Gabriel Rodriguez. This story is currently collected into 5 volumes, with the 6th and and final volume on the way. The fifth volume is the best yet!


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