Horns, by Joe Hill: 5/5

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Horns. Joe Hill. Book Review: Ig wakes from a blackout drunk to find that he has grown a pair of horns. [Image shows a man feeling horns that have sprouted from the top of his head] Months ago, the love of Ig's life was brutally murdered. Ig was the only suspect, but there wasn't enough evidence to charge him—or to clear him. [Image shows a dead-looking tree, with flowers and tokens of remembrance] Now, people seem compelled to tell Ig their secrets and their darkest desires. When he touches them, he knows all the bad deeds they have ever done. [Image shows someone whispering into Ig's ear] What is Ig becoming? What horrible thing did Ig do to deserve the horns? And can he use their power to find and punish whoever murdered Merrin? 5/5 Ghosts

Spooky elements: Diabolical powers that are probably from the devil, the horrible deeds people are capable of, the awful things that everyone you love may secretly be thinking about you.

Good for: Adults! This book is extremely disturbing. And very, very good.

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6 Responses to Horns, by Joe Hill: 5/5

  1. Jeremy Beck says:

    This one sounds really interesting. Is it long?

    • Audrey says:

      It didn’t seem like it! The hardcover was… 350 pages? It had pretty large type (so large, it has actually come up in conversation before).

  2. Alicia says:

    I’m intrigued!

  3. gigi says:

    I absolutely loved this book. I came over from Unshelved today and am planning on reading your archives later; you have a great drawing style.

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