The Woman Who Died A Lot, by Jasper Fforde

The Woman Who Died A Lot. Jasper Fforde. Book Review: Thursday is stuck in the real world, recuperating from some very painful injuries. But if anyone expected Thursday Next to take a vacation, they'll be sorely disappointed. With a new job, new allies, old enemies on the loose, and Goliath at her heels with an army of cheap clones, Thursday has her hands as full as ever. [Image: A woman, hands on hips. The back of her shirt reads 'Don't give me any of your shit— I'm a librarian.'] While I feel the book really suffers (humor-wise) in the lack of the Book World, and the various plotlines are a bit less engaging than usual, I appreciate Fforde's efforts to keep trying new things.

Good for: This book in the ongoing Thursday Next series is not as strong as the others, in my opinion, but fans will want to pick it up.


Alicia said:On Oct 11, 12 at 3:30pm

I've enjoyed the series so I'll probably read this just to keep up, but I will definitely miss Book World.

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