Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate, by Adrienne Kress

Timothy and the Dragon's Gate. Adrienne Kress. 4 stars. Timothy is a cynical teenager, too smart for his own good—or anyone else's. After he gets expelled from the last school in the city, he ends up in more trouble than he'd ever dreamed possible, and on the lam with Mr. Shen—an elderly Chinese gentleman who is more than he seems. Best Thing: A fresh start with a new protagonist and new plot—doesn't repeat the first book the way some sequels do. Worst Thing: Loses much of the plain wackiness that made the first one so enjoyable for me.

Good for: People who liked Alex and the Ironic Gentleman. Although, while I think it's equally good, it is darker and very different.


Brian said:On Feb 12, 11 at 4:39pm

I love the octopus in the NO sign. Cute.

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