Anya’s Ghost, by Vera Brosgol

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When Anya falls into a well and comes out with a ghost hitchhiker, initially she is annoyed. Then, when she finds out all the ways the late Emily O'Reilly can help her—in class, and in catching the eye of the boy she likes—Anya is pretty pleased with her new friend. Emily seems happy with the arrangement, too... [Image shows a girl writing at a desk, listening to a small ghost whispering in her ear] The art in this graphic novel is excellent, and the story had some great twists and turns! A little slow-moving in parts.

4/5 Ghosts

Spooky elements: Ghosts! I do not want to spoil this for you so that is all I am saying.

Good for: This is a great graphic novel for young adults. It has a lot of depth and the characters are really well crafted. I don't think it would be inappropriate for younger kids, but they might find the focus on high-school interpersonal relationships a bit boring.


wandering-dreamer said:On Oct 21, 11 at 4:04pm

I just finished reading this one also, thought the ending was a little preachy but liked it pretty well over all.

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