The Long Run, by Matt Long with Charles Butler

Whoa, everyone! This is my 50th illustrated book review!

Matt Long, a New York City firefighter, one of nine children in a big Irish Catholic family, and Ironman athlete, was run over by a bus while riding his bike to work. The metal bike became enmeshed with his body. From being given an initial 5% chance to live, he required dozens of surgeries to survive. [Image shows a bus and a man on a bike on a collision course on a city street] This inspirational memoir of a heroic firefighter, his life before it was run off the road, and his struggle to run again will make you grateful for the functionality of your body, at whatever level. [Image shows a man with a hat on crutches] But the writing can be poor, especially the dialog.

Good for: Someone in need of inspiration—whether to get through a personal struggle or just get up and finish that workout. This book made me feel completely lazy!


Alicia said:On Sep 13, 11 at 6:20pm

We must be psychically linked...I just read this book last week and had the same criticism. It's a great story, just could have been better written. Definitely motivating though!

Audrey said:On Sep 13, 11 at 5:27pm

It was so interesting and such a good story, but I feel like Matt Long should have shopped around for a better ghostwriter. Who in their right mind writes dialog in which each person says the name of the person they are talking to in EVERY SENTENCE?

EXAMPLE: "Alicia, you agree with me about this book?" "Yes, Audrey, I really do." "Alicia, that's amazing!" "Audrey, I agree!"
It is unbearable.

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