Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins. Mockingjay. 4.5 stars. Best Thing: Shades of Gray. Everyone has an agenda, and good people can do bad things. Worst Thing: Despite all her charisma and ferocity, Katniss never develops into anything more than a pawn.

Note: the bird was very obviously modeled off of the one on the cover of this book.

Part of the Hunger Games trilogy. I guess the gray palette is a good signifier of how emotionally draining this book was. But it was a very good book. All in all, a fantastic series. I might even watch the movies they're making!

Drawing people is really hard for me! I need to read some books about animals or robots or something so I can get these reviews drawn faster.

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Angel Brisbane said:On Oct 27, 11 at 10:55pm

Don't worry, you draw people far better than I can. :D

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