Gossip Girl, by Cecily Von Ziegesar

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Gossip Girl. Cecily Von Ziegesar. Book Review: The upper class, Upper East Side world of Blair Waldorf is thrown into a tailspin when 'it-girl' Serena van der Woodsen, Blair's former best friend, returns from boarding school. Blair has gotten used to the top rung of the social ladder, and the friends (and boyfriend) that come with it—and she doesn't want to share. [Image: Envelope holding card with 'Kiss on the Lips Party' and lipstick mark] Readers are meant to enjoy the tabloidy tone, describing the escapades of wealthy teens, but I personally could not get past the annoying quirks of the narration and the fact that not much really happens.

Challenged for: drugs; offensive language; sexually explicit
Oh no, our teens could find out some teens are irresponsible!

Good for: Obviously this is good for someone; it sold a bazillion copies and had a ton of sequels and a television show (still on the air). But I couldn't tell you who it's good for. I found most of the characters uninteresting and the narration unbearable. I can't imagine reading this book, and then deciding to read a sequel.


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