Anna Dressed in Blood, by Kendare Blake

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Anna Dressed in Blood. Kendare Blake. Book Review: Teenager Cas Lowood travels this world, sending ghosts into the next. His mother wishes he would stop putting himself in danger, and stick around one high school long enough to make a friend, but Cas is doing the work of his father before him—the father he hopes some day to avenge. [Image: News clipping with photo of girl. Headline reads: Local Girl Murdered] When Cas moves to a new town, on the trail of a murdered—and murderous—girl called Anna Dressed in Blood, he finds a ghost more powerful, and more compelling, than any he has faced before. Scary, suspenseful, and much better all around than I had any right to expect from a book that is, at least partially, ghost-themed paranormal romance.

Spookiness: 4.5/5 ghosts

Spooky elements: I thought the idea of corporeal ghosts (the better to make out with) was pretty silly at first, but damn if it isn't scary as heck.

Good for: The obvious answer is paranormal romance fans, but the romance is actually pretty light and the scares and thriller bits are fast and frequent.


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