The Halloween Tree, by Ray Bradbury

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Ray Bradbury. The Halloween Tree. Book Review: When 8-trick-or-treaters arrive at the scariest house on the street, they encounter a man who brings them on a journey through the past, where they encounter mummies, ghosts, witches and skeletons, and must find and rescue the spirit of a friend. [Image: 8 costumed boys look up at a tree covered in jack-o-lanterns] A great book from a master storyteller that introduces children (and adults) to the history of Halloween.
All Hallows Read Book Review: Spookiness: 3.5/5 ghosts.

Spooky elements: Halloween history (lots of cultures' death rituals), spooky costumes, a mysterious companion, death itself.

Good for: This is a Halloween classic! It's great, not only for children, but for anyone who wants a spooky introduction to the history of the holiday. I was a little disappointed in it—from my childhood, I remembered there being a girl in the film version (just released on DVD!), but no such character exists in the book, which, being a girl myself, made me feel a bit left out.


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