What in God’s Name, by Simon Rich

What in God’s Name. Simon Rich. Book Review: Heaven, Inc. is a grossly mismanaged corporation, with a CEO ('God') who'd rather help sports teams than end world hunger. When God decides to retire to start an Asian fusion restaurant, he also decides to destroy the Earth—unless some overworked angels in the Department of Miracles can get two awkward humans to fall in love. [Image: Office scene - water cooler, motivational poster, etc. Motivational poster reads 'Your mother doesn't work here (but God does and he wants you to keep it neat)'. Mug reads 'You don't have to be holy to work here, but it helps!'] It starts out kind of slow, but is a pretty amusing, and oddly cute story.

Good for: Fans of Dave Barry, Terry Pratchett, etc.


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