Underworld, by Meg Cabot

Underworld. Meg Cabot. Book Review: Pierce Oliveria escaped the world of the dead, but found herself falling for its ruler... Back in the underworld, with her captor more determined than ever, and the threat of the Furies in the world above, is escape possible—or even desirable? Will Pierce accept the loss of life as she knows it to stay in the world of the dead at John's side? This book is really about getting accustomed to new surroundings. There's much less excitement and drama, and much more meeting and learning about characters and explaining the new paradigm. Not only was the story less exciting, but I could not get past the increased awfulness of the romantic relationship. In this book, John goes from being just kind of a jerk to willfully misleading and directly lying to Pierce so that she is unable to make informed decisions about her life, future, or their physical relationship. It creeped me the heck out!

Good for: Paranormal romance fans who are into this kind of thing, OR they could read Guardian of the Dead instead, because the relationship in it is way less skin-crawlingly gross AND it's got a suspenseful murder mystery!


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