Lola and the Boy next Door, by Stephanie Perkins

Lola and the Boy next Door. Stephanie Perkins. Book Review: Lola's got friends, great parents, and an older, rock-god boyfriend who appreciates the elaborate costumes in which she lives her life. Her only desires are to dress as Marie Antoinette for the winter formal, for her parents to like her boyfriend­—and to never, ever, see the Bell twins again. When the Bell family returns to the neighborhood, Lola is confronted by her past, the fragility of her relationships, and her feelings for the boy next door. [Image: Moving truck] A cute novel, with an interesting cast, but lacking much of the charm of its predecessor and the strength of that book’s lead characters.

Good for: It's not quite as good or as cute as Anna and the French Kiss, but fans of that book may enjoy it—and will like the brief glimpses of familiar characters

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