The Last Dragonslayer, by Jasper Fforde

The Last Dragonslayer. Jasper Fforde. Book Review: In a world with electricians, plumbers, and taxis, with magic levels so low as to make magicians about as useful as electricians, plumbers, and taxis, the talent of the Kazam agency isn't in high demand. But then there's a prophecy so big, it's felt by the entire magical community—about the death of the last dragon, and the return of magic... Everything is perfectly placed for the law-breaking dragon to die at the prophecized time, but it all seems a little too perfect to Kazam's indentured orphan and operating manager, Jennifer Strange. And her opinion on the matter is about to become a lot more important... Feels familiarly Ffordish, with its heroine's stoic attitude and constantly busy, zany storythreads, but has its own unique universe where girls drive cars to visit dragons and magic exists alongside the tv news. [Image shows a bluish dragon sitting opposite a girl leaning against a spiky car. Also there's a lance.]

Good for: Though billed as a young adult book, the only thing this book does differently from other Jasper Fforde books is lack a ton of literary allusions, so really it should have an even wider audience! The slightly off-kilter treatment of standard fantasy tropes is really fun.

I have to apologize to you guys about this review! I may have set you up for a disappointment. I heard about this book and got a copy through my library system back in December. At the time, you could buy a copy of the book online. But now, it's no longer for sale in the US, and the book isn't set to be released in the US until October! I have no idea what kind of publishing issues Jasper Fforde is having. US readers can preorder the book, or order a copy from someone in the UK.


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