The Passage, by Justin Cronin

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The Passage. Justin Cronin. Book Review.

A government experiment to prolong human life goes horribly wrong, releasing 12 Virals—mutated, super-strong, undying creatures with an insatiable hunger and a desire to spread—upon North America.

The 13th experiment, a young girl named Amy, is rescued by her former captor, but no one can save society from collapse.

As decades pass, and the world, desolate but for a few small pockets of survivors, sleeps, Amy survives, and with her the power to save what is left of humanity.

An epic, suspenseful thriller about devastation and survival, encompassing several generations during and after the Viral apocalypse.

While some people may have trouble keeping the many characters straight over the span of a hundred years, I thought they were easy to remember and easy to care about.

Spookiness: 4/5

Spooky elements: "Spooky" is the wrong word, but this book is about apocalyptic vampire zombies and the end of civilization as we know it. Enjoy!

Good for: Do you like Stephen King? Horror? Suspense thrillers? This is a pretty perfect example of the genre.

At first, the premise of the book (how many times have we already read about vampires?) seemed hokey, but The Passage turned out to be very difficult to put down. The book was suspenseful, engrossing, and interesting: in short, everything that was promised on the cover. It's exactly what you'd want from a book of this type.


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