Liesl & Po, by Lauren Oliver

Liesl & Po. Lauren Oliver. Book Review: Liesl has been locked in the attic. Her father has died, and she never got to say goodbye. She is all alone. But then she is visited by Po... [Image shows a girl and two indistinct, glowing figures, one human-shaped and one like a dog or cat.] A story that successfully weaves together many different characters and their storylines is a rare treat. [Image shows a poorly dressed boy in the snow at night. An old man watches him from a doorway] Some of the plot is rather obvious, even for children, but the story, which is mainly about dealing with loss, is lovely. [Image shows two boxes]

Good for: Fans of stories that juggle many separate, but ultimately unified plots and characters—it reminded me a lot of The Magician's Elephant. A sweet story suitable for children (who can handle concepts like "death" and maybe "murder" and won't get freaked out by "ghosts").


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