The Twelve, by Justin Cronin

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The Twelve. Justin Cronin. Book Review.

In this sequel to The Passage, more stories of the apocalypse and its victims are told. And 100 years in the future, the story of the last human stand against the Virals, and Amy, the Girl from Nowhere, continues.

For 5 years, the search for the remaining eleven of the twelve original Virals has been fruitless. Though their accomplishments bought humanity precious time, Some of Amy's friends from the Colony are lost forever, and those that are left are scattered and demoralized.

Only in investigating a truth that the government and the military would rather ignore—a new evil, more insidious than they've encountered before—can they be reunited, and continue on the path toward the salvation of humanity.

The Twelve is pretty good horror that weaves together multiple storylines about survival and freedom. But, it's not as scary or thrilling as The Passage, messes with internal consistency, and I found it overly sentimental.

Spookiness: 3/5 ghosts

Spooky elements: The Virals are still pretty scary, and this book has some good frightening exploration of the effects of trauma and mob mentality on the way humans treat each other.

Good for: Fans of The Passage


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