Abandon, by Meg Cabot

Abandon. Meg Cabot. Book Review: Two years ago, Pierce Oliviera died. [Image:sailing ship] Since then things haven't been the same—she was expelled from school, and her parents have separated. Pierce's mom thinks they can start over on Isla Huesos, but there are some changes Pierce can't escape: her terrible nightmares, her memory of the underworld, and the angry, handsome death deity who can't let her go. [Image: necklace] The main character has an interesting backstory, and the mythology is well-crafted, but the central romance was nothing but repulsive to me.

Good for: Paranormal romance fans who are into this kind of thing.

I understand that the romantic relationship of this book is just another element of the fantasy, and that for many the romance with someone so obsessively in love is a fun literary escape. And yeah, that aspect is certainly true to the Persephone myth this is based on. But for me, watching Pierce fall for an obsessed, all-powerful controlling jerk was just nauseating.


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