A Visit from the Goon Squad, by Jennifer Egan

Music is what ties the stories in this book together. The world, art, [A band plays to a crowd] and business of music is woven throughout, [a man sits behind a desk with three gold records on the wall] creating a rich and intricate melody. [a boy and girl in pajamas sit and listen to music from headphones on computers] One chapter told entirely in PowerPoint slides charmed me immensely [This sentence is displayed on a series of slides showing charts and graphs]. But the last chapter, the author's version of the future, was not compelling.

Good for: One part historical fiction, one part slice-of-life drama, and a very small part speculative fiction, this Pulitzer-prize-winning book is a crowd pleaser, but not an all-ages crowd (drug use, complicated sexual relationships, death). It's really good except for the very last chapter, which had me rolling my eyes a lot.


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