Alex and the Ironic Gentleman, by Adrienne Kress: 4/5

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Alex and the Ironic Gentleman. Adrienne Kress. 4 stars. Alex is a bright, inquisitive young girl who isn't looking forward to the start of a new year at her extremely boring school—until she meets an exciting new teacher who turns out to be part of a local pirate legend. With murder, kidnapping, a daring rescue mission, pirates, and other assorted bad guys. Best Thing: Zany! Worst Thing: Sometimes seems a bit like a certain kind of Family Circus strip.

Good for: Fans of Roald Dahl, Lewis Carroll, or Lemony Snicket.

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3 Responses to Alex and the Ironic Gentleman, by Adrienne Kress: 4/5

  1. Whitney says:

    Is that a sentient refrigerator?

  2. Alicia says:

    I definitely thought this reminded me of Lemony Snicket. The sequel, Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate, was good too although I liked Alex better than Timothy as a character so I preferred the first book.

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