Smudge’s Mark, by Claudia Osmond: 2/5

Smudge's Mark. Claudia Osmond. 2 stars. Best Thing: Short. Worst Thing: Unoriginal (thus predictable, and a bit boring)

Good for: Younger readers who’ve run out of other stuff to read. Otherwise, it’s been done, and done better. Don’t bother!

(I liked the “Good for” thing I did for All Hallows Read, so I’m keeping it!)

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5 Responses to Smudge’s Mark, by Claudia Osmond: 2/5

  1. Whitney says:

    I like the good for thing too! It gives me that much more information and helps me decide if I should read it. In this case, no.

  2. Brian Marino says:

    you should perhaps give a bit more info about what the book is about and such? That will probably take too much time but maybe write a couple sentences of more detailed review.

    • Audrey says:

      Daniel was JUST telling me this. I’m going to go through my archives and do so. It’s hard for me to walk the line between “too detailed” and “not detailed enough” but I’m going to try!

  3. william says:

    i agree with brian 100% 1 to 3 pictures and 4 sentences isnt a review i am sure you can do way better 🙂

    • Audrey says:

      Brian said that before I added the words to the first panel of this review. I assume he was satisfied after that. This website was always meant to be reviews in pictures, not words—words would have been MUCH easier for me! If you don’t like the reviews-in-pictures format, there are tons of other websites that do more traditional reviews. Check out Goodreads.

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