In A Glass Grimmly, by Adam Gidwitz: 5/5

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In a Glass Grimmly. Adam Gidwitz. Book Review: At the end of a generally humiliating day, cousins Jack and Jill make an unwise bargain and begin a journey that will lead them to the highest cloud but Heaven, the deepest pit but Hell, and a treasure they could never have imagined. [Image: Silhouettes of a girl, a boy, a frog, a beanstalk.] A great story about knowing yourself, and separating what you really want from what other people want from you. Book review: Scariness: 4/5 ghosts. Gross-i-tude: 4/5 germs.

Spooky elements: Creepy retold fairy tales, creepy made-up fairy tales, frightening sea creatures, bone collections. Also: there’s lots of vomit and entrails and it is pretty gross.

Good for: Kids-and-up fans of scary, spooky, gory fairy tales. While the story didn’t resonate with me the way A Tale Dark and Grimm did, for adolescents going through the struggle of creating their own identities, it may be an even better fit.

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2 Responses to In A Glass Grimmly, by Adam Gidwitz: 5/5

  1. Whitney says:

    Is this a sequel or just a strikingly similar name?

    • Audrey says:

      It’s a “companion novel.” All different characters, but the same “retold fairytales” kind of deal. This book is to “be your own person” as the last one was to “adults sometimes really suck.”

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