The Sisters Brothers, by Patrick deWitt: 4/5

The Sisters Brothers. Patrick deWitt. Book Review: The Sisters Brothers are murderers for hire. For Charlie Sisters, their work is a vocation. For his brother Eli, their work is just a job—one he is beginning to wish he could quit. When Eli and Charlie are sent to kill a prospector in California, Eli begins to think critically about his work, and just who really deserves to die. Eli Sisters narrates with a unique voice—his speech has a rhythm unlike any other. Part Western crime drama, part historical fiction, and part comedy, the book is an intriguing piece of work—much like the Sisters Brothers themselves.

What do you do when you have an “illustrated book reviews” blog and a book’s paperback cover is already way more awesome than anything you could do?!

Good for: Fans of westerns, historical fiction, and good writing in general.

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